[Marxism] India: On the issue of Third Front,

nada dwaltersMIA at gmail.com
Fri Mar 20 09:23:47 MDT 2009

third wave wrote:

"I must appreciate that you have raised a question of extreme importance-
what about peasantry in India. Firstly, we understand by the
'peasantry' -the rural petty bourgeois mass. Secondly, it is very clear that
there cannot be a political fornt of working class even with 'petty
bourgeois, urban or rural'."

Let me at least suggest to you that as a  "question", the land question, 
and ergo the national question, in a country like India is predominate. 
One can 'talk' about the peasantry but if no move is made to lead them 
under communist leadership, by communist peasant cadre, it's only so 
much "commentary". I'm saying this abstractly, your group there may in 
fact be doing this I don't know. But this point I put first is actually 
secondary, more of a 'commentary' itslesf.

The rural masses in India are far more stratified than simply being 
'petty-bourgeois'. There are, for example, millions, that is *millions* 
of rural proletarians on the newer organized 'cash production farms' 
designed for export and serving the middle-classes in India's cities. 
They are no less working class than those working in factories in Mumbai 
or Calcutta.

More importantly, the ideas you put forward seem to me to be at odds 
with the political front formed by the Bolsheviks with the Left SRs...a 
group the Bolshies considered "petty-bourgeois" (among far worse 
expletives used by them) and whose base were radicalized peasants in 
western Russia and Ukraine.

Your web site, which I finally got to visit doesn't seem to have a 
'line' or perspective...does it represent an organization or this your 
site alone?

D. Walters/NADA

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