[Marxism] Redbaiting on the left

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Sat Mar 21 06:20:21 MDT 2009

A meandering, moralizing article dumped on the list by Louis engages in the
most vulgar sort of liberal guilt-baiting:

"So the question really is, Which side are you on?  That of the Obamanation
and the Democrat Party version of war and empire?  Or on the side of public,
mass opposition to the war? I hope that as many as possible choose the
latter course - in D.C., L.A or S.F."

Right, so either you're with the sectarian jerks from ANSWER and similar
sock-puppet "coalitions" that have just spent the LAST six years PROVING
they're incapable of building a serious opposition to the war in this
country, even against the likes of George Bush, who by the end of his term
had an approval rating so low it rivaled his IQ score-- or you're
capitulating to Obama. 

Bullshit. Perhaps I just choose to absent myself from feeding the fantasies
of Marcyite vanguardists. And, no, I don't claim to have a better way of
opposing the war, but I ALSO don't claim to be the vanguard, the party, the
sole embodiment of real internationalism and whatever other masculinist
my-proletarian-dick-is-bigger-than-yours the workers world, pisel and
assorted tyrotskyoid cults are pushing this week.

It is revealing that this effort draws support especially from those whose
capacity for rational thought has been catastrophically compromised by
constitutional cretinism:  "The War on Iraq drags on with no clear end in
sight," says the article Louis considered so worthwhile as to forward
without a word of comment. "The war on Afghanistan is being escalated.  The
war on Pakistan has also been stepped up, a war undeclared by Congress,
therefore unconstitutional and the basis for an impeachment.  All this has
happened since Obama took office."

This is an expression of the silly, petty-bourgeois, liberal and formalistic
idea that Congress must approve a resolution specifically entitled
"Declaration of War," and that merely approving the use of military force,
specifically endorsing invasions, and setting aside hundreds of billions of
dollars to massacre people in Iraq, Afghanistan and --yes-- Pakistan means
Obama should be put in the dock for high crimes and misdemeanors. And for
doing EXACTLY what he promised to do when he was running for office and, now
that he is in office, is doing, and with the express, explicit APPROVAL of
and FINANCING from both houses of Congress.

So four or five days BEFORE Obama completes his second month in office, a
bunch of white folks on the left publish an article that, were it to become
reality, would mean the blue-dog democrats in Congress joining with the
Republicans in ridding us of this n****er president who polls tell us is
regarded as honest and trustworthy by 75%-80% of the American people (EVEN
THOUGH a majority or close to disagrees with him about the war). And thereby
giving us instead of Obama a white politiquero even more shamelessly
capitalist and imperialist than Obama himself. 

And Louis is ok with this?

And the 20%-25% "nobama" wing of the population are --let's be honest--
rabidly racist Republicans and fetishists of the free market -- except
perhaps a few thousand who consider themselves Trotskyists or some other
kind of radical or revolutionary. 

And these leftists are such supple politicians that they can come up with no
better approach than leading an article which should be appealing to the
Obama-friendly but nevertheless war-hating working class majority to march
in protest against the continuation of the war with ... a call for Obama's


Thereby CONFIRMING what is FOR SURE the line of the Democratic Party hacks,
that these protests aren't really antiwar, but anti-Obama.

THIS IS COMPLETE IDIOCY, and for Louis to forward such to the list without a
word of criticism of the article, or even commentary, is less helpful than
one would hope for in the best of all possible worlds.


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