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Sat Mar 21 08:03:25 MDT 2009

To me it is crazy that there was not mention of the National Assembly.  From
CT National Assembly activists organized to bus loads of people to go down
to the march and ANSWER organized two.  Both groups worked together (at
least in CT) to make this a united action.  It seems that UFPJ is conceding
their antiwar character as they slip into a more multi-issue campaign.
Their NYC march call in April with no clear message and their inability to
forge unity with ANSWER or the National Assembly (I am not saying the
National Assembly is a seperate coalition but rather a current in the
movement pushing for mass action) an indication that they have no real
interest in participating in antiwar activity.  Not to mention their
reluctance to include demands on Afghanistan after it was voted on at their
convention.  They are also not advocation "Out Now".

There is a new layer of youth leadership that organized for this March and
as they gain their confidence in organizing it will be more likely that a
strong united front can develop.  In CT a student group that was dominated
by liberal forces has recently broken away and will be holding their
founding conference on April 24th.  CT Students against the war looks to be
a promising force within the antiwar movement here in CT.  Youth are angry
on the campuses.  I was recently flyering at a university campus cafeteria
and 90% of the students wanted to get involved.  in one hour Two
students immediately signed up to get on the bus we were organizing and many
others gave us contact info.

I am sick today and unfortunately missed the bus to DC but it seems to me
that the the antiwar movement is shedding its old skin allowing a new layer
of skin to grow and breath.

keep well,


On Sat, Mar 21, 2009 at 8:30 AM, Louis Proyect <lnp3 at panix.com> wrote:

> Joaquin Bustelo wrote:
> > THIS IS COMPLETE IDIOCY, and for Louis to forward such to the list
> without a
> > word of criticism of the article, or even commentary, is less helpful
> than
> > one would hope for in the best of all possible worlds.
> >
> Drink a glass of cold water, please. I often crosspost articles to the
> list without reading them carefully. I read the first few paragraphs and
> they passed muster with me:
> The Blackout of the March 21 Mobilizations
> Redbaiting on the Left
> The War on Iraq drags on with no clear end in sight.  The war on
> Afghanistan is being escalated.  The war on Pakistan has also been
> stepped up, a war undeclared by Congress, therefore unconstitutional and
> the basis for an impeachment.  All this has happened since Obama took
> office.
>  >> And yet with one exception, no national antiwar demonstration has
> been called.  Worse, to a large degree the one demonstration called, for
> this coming weekend, March 21, has been blacked out on the “respectable
> Left.”  This ugly fact was brought home to me quite strikingly yesterday
> at a meeting of single-payer activists, most also antiwar activists.  No
> one with whom I spoke knew about the coming demonstration!  Part of the
> reason is that some have tried to characterize this action as a fringe
> event, because it has been called by A.N.S.W.E.R., about which more
> below and with which this writer is not affiliated.
> This mobilization has a list of endorsers which are cannot readily be
> dismissed. For starters: Cindy Sheehan, Code Pink, Iraq Veterans Against
> the War (IVAW), Ron Kovic, Edward Asner, Mimi Kennedy, Ramsey Clark,
> School of the Americas Watch, San Francisco Labor Council (AFL-CIO) and
> many other labor locals as well as Green Party locals.
> Despite this, the official peace movement, sock puppets of the Democrat
> Party, like MoveOn and UFPJ, is refusing to join or even to publicize
> this effort in any substantial way. <<
> And just a comment on this:
>  >>And the 20%-25% "nobama" wing of the population are --let's be
> honest--rabidly racist Republicans and fetishists of the free market --
> except perhaps a few thousand who consider themselves Trotskyists or
> some other kind of radical or revolutionary.<<
> I am not quite sure what "nobama" means but I was noBush before I was
> nobama, and noClinton before that. I just have no use for any Democratic
> Party politician, whatever their race or gender. It is a question of class.
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