[Marxism] Proletarians, peasants, and polemics

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Sat Mar 21 21:32:24 MDT 2009

New Wave wrote:

>Without having a thorough understanding of 1925-27, 
>neither can one understand the alignment of class 
>forces in (the) Chinese revolution, 

Yes, and dare I say that a thorough understanding of the
events in China during this period will require reading
something besides polemical literature designed to prove
a political point today which has nothing to do with
the events then. Who exactly wrote "The Hidden Dynamics
of the Chinese Revolution" and what is their background 
in historical research? Tell me off line if you wish as 
I would honestly like to know.

>...Maoist bureaucracy- the bureaucracy that came to 
power on the back of defeats of proletariat in 1925-27 
uprisings, the defeats which were fostered by none but 
by the bureaucracy itself, acting under direct command
>of Stalinist Comintern. 

By bureaucracy do you mean the cadre of the Chinese 
Communist Party or just the cadre supportive of Mao? 
Do you have evidence, from any source that shows Mao 
was acting, ever, under the direct command of the 
Comintern? The commonly accepted date for Mao's 
leadership of the CCP is not until 1935. Is this what 
you mean by "coming to power on the back of defeats 
of the proletariat in 1925-27"? Even that 1935 date is 
being challenged as too early by some and given the 
tempo and complexity of events, I just cannot see 
the simple, causal relationship you are trying to 

Is this what you are trying to say?

*Stalin destroys the real "proletarian" CCP through
his control by way of "comintern agents" from 1925-

*Mao then builds a "fake" CCP comprised of peasants.

*The fake CCP takes over China in 1949 and for some 
period of time the country is (or is not) socialist 
before totally capitulating to capitalism at a date 
for which there is no consensus.

Can you blame me for "reducing to absurdity" a 
method of historical analysis already 

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