[Marxism] The German Left and Israel

Michael Karadjis mkaradjis at theplanet.net.au
Sun Mar 22 05:58:19 MDT 2009

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From: "Angelus Novus" <fuerdenkommunismus at yahoo.com>
> I don't much like Anti-Germans of any type, but there is no "strand" 
> called anti-German, because "anti-German" refers to a variety of 
> particular tendencies, just as the terms "Maoist" and "Trotskyist" do.
> It refers to the esoteric neo-conservative "communism" of publications 
> like Bahamas, it refers to publications like Phase 2, which emerged 
> from the dissolution of the federal organization of Antifascist 
> Action, and it refers to the monthly magazine Konkret, which is 
> actually quite orthodox communist in almost all other regards and 
> would be indistinguishable in content from most of what is written on 
> lists like this with the exception of its positions on Israel.  .

Strangely enough, you yourself appear at least halfway towards the 
pro-Israel positions of the "anti-Germans:

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