[Marxism] On Marxism's failure in the USA

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The following article (in progress) addresses a question related to the subject of political party addressed by Proyect below, which is why Marxism thus far has failed in the United States as a political movement:
America’s ‘New Marxian Times’: Class Struggle
in the Democratic Republic of the United States
This essay, an Althusserian-based theory of Marxism’s political failure in the United States, attributes Marxism’s failure to its delineation of class in America in economic terms, rather than in fundamentally political and ideological terms. United States capitalism in this theory includes an elitist upper class of ‘roburtarians,’ a populist lower class of ‘populitarians,’ and a managerial middle class of ‘politarians’ that implicitly constitute America’s bourgeoisie, proletariat, and politburo—all constitutionally framed and ideologically interpellated. This theory of American capitalism supports the argument that, historically through the ideology of the free market, the elite’s capitalist class endeavors to restrict the nation’s constitutionally mandated “Blessings of Liberty” primarily to the special interests of their own class. And this de facto is capitalism’s ‘War on the Middle Class,’ waged politically behind
 the scenes against American workers working to promote “the general Welfare”—a responsibility also constitutionally charged to the government.

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From: Louis Proyect <lnp3 at panix.com>
Subject: [Marxism] What kind of party do we need?
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I received a query prompted by my annotated Lenin bibliography:

I read with interest your views on the type of new party needed.

I have a few questions I hope you can answer.

What role if any do you see for party press? Traditional newspaper? If 
the party doesn’t take positions on historical questions what does it 
fill its press with? What does it do when confronted with the issues of 
Stalin, Mao, etc.? How would the party raise funds? What would be the 
practical, day-to-day work of its members?

Do you consider this model valid solely in the United States?

Do you see a need for a new international? If so, what kind of body do 
you see and how would it come about?

Your attention is appreciated.

My reply: 

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