[Marxism] Yesterday's protest

David Thorstad binesi at gvtel.com
Sun Mar 22 11:58:20 MDT 2009

Even if the organizers' estimate of 10,000 marchers in DC is correct (a 
friend who was there said it was more like 1,000), that is a pitiful 
number under the circumstances, those being war escalation under Our 
Savior (as he promised, to be fair to him) and a seemingly permanent war 
economy. The tiny size no doubt reflects division among those against 
war (with millions deluded by faith in Obama and the system's ability to 
"do the right thing" and failing to see that U.S. imperialism is the 
enemy and that calls to "support our troops" and "bring the troops home" 
represent a social-patriotic belief in the inherent goodness of 
America). Furthermore, the left today is far less influential than it 
was during the Vietnam War and incapable of mounting massive opposition 
to war or anything else. What is needed is a mass movement to overthrow 
capitalism, but no left movement or party comes close to being able to 
provide the leadership required. That is a serious failure of the left, 
and of all of us who are leftists.
    Rather than wishful thinking spin about how the "antiwar movement" 
is on the verge of "revival" (in my opinion, it never did amount to much 
as a mass movement), or how wonderful such a tiny pathetic response was, 
I would hope the organizers would offer a serious analysis and critique 
of what has gone wrong with the fight against imperialist war. The best 
thing one could say about it is that at least they went to Wasshington, 
so offered a chance to show what war criminals Obama and the Democrats are.
    One socialistI know said he hated to admit it but down deep he felt 
glad that ANSWER's march had been such a flop. Of course, UFPJ's 
wallowing in the Obama church is also going a flop. It all suggests that 
it may not be that far off to deduce that the American antiwar movement 
is in fact dead.
    Instead of "support our troops" (who are doing imperialism's dirty 
work), I support those who are resisting U.S. troops. If I had Soros's 
wealth, I'd put it to work helping them fight back against the invaders. 
Meanwhile, I'll wear the Ted Rall T-shirt a friend gave me, which says 
"Support Our Goons."

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