[Marxism] Washington Post on yesterday's demo

Dan Russell proletariandan at gmail.com
Sun Mar 22 14:25:19 MDT 2009

<Exactly. We need to go where people are at. Right now everyone is

> preoccupied with the economy, job loss, criminals on Wall Street, etc.
> If we can activate that mass of increasingly pissed-off people, then we
> will
> have a real working people's movement>

Better yet (in harmony with Louis' post about on the 'party' question) a
party that can link all of these struggles together, perhaps pointing to
"corporations" instead of capitalism as the source of the problem (we aren't
ready for an explicit NPA here), and take advantage of the electoral arena
as a way to gauge (and expand) its strength. I can't help but think of some
compromise between the more positive aspects of both the vanguardists and
the Greens.

I agree with Louis, I have a feeling most of us do, the question is where
and how to start.

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