[Marxism] Rabid Trotskyite attack on Obama

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Sun Mar 22 19:33:14 MDT 2009

Bhaskar Sunkara wrote:

I agree that's its speculation and due to the situation in El Salvador I agree that he'll govern around where Lula is. The parallels are there, especially since they both come from leftist parties, of course Funes doesn't have the pressure as far as social movements that Lula has to contend with to his left, and he is stuck with a dollarized economy and CAFTA.
In terms of dollarization, under Shafik the FMLN put forth a plank to revert to the colon, but the dollar has since become so fully integrated within the domestic economy that any attempt in the short term to replace it would be highly disruptive, mainly for the small and medium-sized businesses which the party hopes to support. 

CAFTA is also pretty much a done deal but a solid Central American ALBA would supplant and supersede CAFTA in materialist terms without ever having to strike idealist pen to paper, especially with the waning US political influence in the region. 

Funes has also expressed a willingness to begin dealing with mainland China, which has Taiwan nervous, especially since so many Sal. Maquilas are of taiwanese origin.  

One thing is for sure, the next 5 years are going to be very interesting.  

Greg McD
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