[Marxism] On Marxism's failure in the USA

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Mon Mar 23 21:12:59 MDT 2009

The greatest failures of Marxism in the U.S. was its failure to
understand deeply enough the notion that capitalism creates its own
gravediggers in the working class.   American conditions generated
massive discontent and radicalism that rise from the fundamental
contradictions that run to the core of American republican values.
That the pious cants about liberty, equality, justice, etc.  Then look
what that has meant in terms of race, gender, class...  The
contradictions has caused an almost continual turmoil, with the
exception of the unprecedented prosperity of American society
generally since WWII, which has recast and refocused a lot of this....

The core of organized Marxism, however, has too frequently
misunderstood and attacked that broader discontent and radicalism as
wrong-headed diversions.  This contributed to the isolation of the
Socialist Party in many areas of the US before WWI.  But this wasn't
isolated enough for the CPUSA, which paired itself down even further.
Frankly, I'm sure that the proportion of government agents to
non-government agents in American Marxist groups has been much higher
for decades than you'd find in other industrial societies.  I mean,
the US government has loved to invest in such things much more heavily
than other western societies, and the size of the groups we're
discussing are proportionately tinier...


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