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The news today brings word that a young man, 17, 
has been charged for the slaying of the PSNI constable 
killed shortly after the attack on a British Army 
base in Northern Ireland. In response to graffiti 
mocking the two dead British soldiers, the following 
post was made on a Republican forum. It is a quote 
from Brendan Hughes, a respected veteran of the IRA, 
commenting on the sad reality, and terrible burden, of
war and death in Ireland. 

>Brendan "The Dark" Hughes • 22 January 2002 

>"It is easy to lift a gun. It is even easy to 
fire it. When you see the body of a 17-18 year 
old it is not so easy. 

>We were young. They were young too. The British 
Government sent them onto the streets of Belfast. 
The IRA sent us out to oppose them. I took no pleasure 
seeing a young Englishman lying on the street. 
But I admit to taking pleasure from taking on the 
might of the British Empire. 

>Most of the kids who died here knew nothing 
of why they were here. The bulk of them came from 
poor working class families just like our own. 
I remember one time in McDonnell Street a young 
British soldier had been left behind by his foot 
patrol. He was only 18. I was not at the scene but 
soon received word that the IRA had captured a 
British soldier and were holding him captive. 
In those days we did not have radio communication. 
By the time I arrived at McDonnell Street the 
18 year-old soldier was already dead. He had been 
shot dead by a 17 year-old IRA volunteer. I regret 
to this day that I was unable to stop his death. 

>We had no desire to kill kids whether in uniform 
or not. But it was kids who fought this war on 
both the British and Irish sides. I was never filled
with hatred for other human beings. I did not hate 
the English people. I hated what the British 
Government did to my country. "

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