[Marxism] Interesting comment on Shanin/Soros blog article

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Mar 24 12:16:55 MDT 2009

 From Nik Barry-Shaw:

One prominent leftist who has gotten Yugoslavia right is Naomi Klein, 
who in a reply to Shock Doctrine critics cites a former Clinton official 
on why Slobo had to go:

"For instance, Chait dismisses out of hand my suggestion that there were 
economic interests behind the 1999 NATO intervention in Kosovo (though 
he grudgingly admits I never claim that economics was the sole 
motivator). I do write that there were other factors motivating the war 
besides Slobodan Milosevic’s egregious human rights violations. I base 
this claim on the post-war analysis provided by Strobe Talbott, Deputy 
Secretary of State under U.S. President Bill Clinton and the lead U.S. 
negotiator during the Kosovo war. In a 2005 essay (quoted on page 415), 
Talbott wrote:

'As nations throughout the region sought to reform their economies, 
mitigate ethnic tensions, and broaden civil society, Belgrade seemed to 
delight in continually moving in the opposite direction. It is small 
wonder NATO and Yugoslavia ended up on a collision course. It was 
Yugoslavia’s resistance to the broader trends of political and economic 
reform—not the plight of the Kosovar Albanians—that best explains NATO’s 

Klein has moved considerably to the left since her No Logo days, 
supporting the BDS campaign, writing stuff on Canada's imperial 
adventure in Haiti etc.  Henwood and other Marxists who criticize her 
theoritical weaknesses shouldn't lose sight of the encouraging drift of 
her politics.

Also, the Open Society Institute has been "freeing" the fuck out of 
societies not just in Eastern Europe, but places like Haiti as well, 
whose new Prime Minister is a Soros protege:

"Prior to becoming Prime Minister, Pierre-Louis headed FOKAL, the 
Fondasyon Konesans Ak Libète in Creole, the Fondation Connaissance & 
Liberté in French, a foundation created in 1995 by billionaire George 
Soros' Open Society Institute (OSI). In a report on FOKAL, OSI President 
Aryeh Neier points out: 'The Open Society Institute founded FOKAL that 
year to take advantage of the transition to strengthen democracy and 
open society values and practices.' With an annual budget of over $4 
million (US), FOKAL was widely know as one of the most influential NGOs 
in Haiti.

"All would not go according to OSI's plan; '[T]he second coming of 
Aristide proved a disaster. He was more concerned with retaining power 
than enacting reforms.' That is to say that Aristide was concerned with 
recovering the 3 years of his mandate lost to the 1991-1994 Cedras 
dictatorship and resisting the neoliberal demands made by the Americans 
and the rest of the 'donor' countries. In the following years, foreign 
funded NGOs such as FOKAL would be mobilized against such outrageous 
violations of democratic norms."

Haiti's New PM and the Power of NGOs

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