[Marxism] Can capitalism survive?

Jeffrey Thomas Piercy mqduck at sonic.net
Tue Mar 24 23:14:56 MDT 2009

I know I'm replying a bit late, but I'm simply in love with this 
article. It should be reprinted and spread as propaganda for our side.

> If companies need to be rescued from "the market," why shouldn't 
> Washington permanently run the market? That's a dangerous mindset. It 
> justifies punitive taxes, widespread corporate mandates, selective 
> subsidies and meddling in firms' everyday operations (think the present 
> anti-bonus tax bill). Older and politically powerful companies may 
> benefit at the expense of newer firms. Innovation and investment may be 
> funneled into fashionable but economically dubious projects (think ethanol).

Just think of it, funding projects that benefit humanity but DON'T 

Human: An animal so lost in loathing contemplation of what it thinks it 
is as to overlook what it ought to be.

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