[Marxism] RCP (and others) to Nepal: Drop Dead.

sobuadhaigh at hushmail.com sobuadhaigh at hushmail.com
Wed Mar 25 23:15:41 MDT 2009

Following the debate over the unfolding 
revolution in Nepal, I did take New Wave’s 
advice to find 

“…the more correct evaluation of revolution 
in Nepal. “ by checking out this blog.


There was, indeed, a torrent of words rigidly 
searching for correctness including the following 

“The present turn in the politics of Nepal, 
presents only a caricature of the February 
revolution in Russia in 1917, with no October 
overturn in the offing,…”

Busted. Nepal is not Russia and this is not 
1917. What’s more Prachandra doesn’t look 
anything like Trotsky. 

Reading through more posts I then followed 
the advice to read a year old article in the 
“Militant” that upset JRoth. Given how out of 
date it was given the fast changing events 
there, I focused on the brief history of the 
conflict referring to the Communist party of 
Nepal (Maoist).

 “The party began a guerrilla war against the 
monarchy in 1996. Over the next decade they 
built up a force of some 15,000 fighters and 
took control of large areas of the countryside. 
Attempting to turn the military situation around, 
King Gyanendra dissolved parliament in 2002. 
Three years later he declared a state of emergency. 
In 2006, 100,000 people marched in Kathmandu in 
opposition to these dictatorial measures, forcing 
Gyanendra to restore parliament.”

Had I not just been reminded that Nepal is 
not Russia circa 1917. I might have been 
impressed by the achievements of those comrades, 
many of them young women participating equally 
in the armed struggle. I don’t know about everybody 
else but I am sick of reading about credit default 
swaps and the assholes who gave the world derivatives. 
I need to take a break every now and then to ponder 
revolutionary internationalism. 

Having listened to the preaching I am going 
to stick to my recommendation of the Kasama site
where the debate is ongoing. As to the longing for 
October I could not help but fondly remember another
publication, “The Workers Vanguard.” Besides the gossip 
and screaming headlines one could take solace in the 
certitude that every one of those articles was fixated 
solidly, and solely, in October (actually November), 

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