[Marxism] Dyson on Global Warming

Paddy Apling e.c.apling at btinternet.com
Thu Mar 26 03:03:23 MDT 2009

I have not raised the issue of global warming on this list for many moons, but the fact that we have just gone through the coldest winter for many years - and that that renowned physicist Freeman Dyson (two years older then me) has raised the same objections to the current media hype, suggests it is time to speak out once again.

Dyson says "Dyson agrees with the prevailing view that there are rapidly rising carbon-dioxide levels in the atmosphere caused by human activity. To the planet, he suggests, the rising carbon may well be a MacGuffin, a striking yet ultimately benign occurrence in what Dyson says is still "a relatively cool period in the earth's history." The warming, he says, is not global but local, "making cold places warmer rather than making hot places hotter." Far from expecting any drastic harmful consequences from these increased temperatures, he says the carbon may well be salubrious - a sign that "the climate is actually improving rather than getting worse," because carbon acts as an ideal fertilizer promoting forest growth and crop yields. "Most of the evolution of life occurred on a planet substantially warmer than it is now," he contends, "and substantially richer in carbon dioxide." Dyson calls ocean acidification, which many scientists say is destroying the saltwater food chain, a genuine but probably exaggerated problem. Sea levels, he says, are rising steadily, but why this is and what dangers it might portend "cannot be predicted until we know much more about its causes." 


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