[Marxism] Dyson on Global Warming

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Thu Mar 26 08:08:18 MDT 2009

I think the characterization of the JSER

". . . the academic society representing 
scientists from the energy and resource fields, 
and acts as a government advisory panel."

Certainly, some of their points are
well-taken.  However, the comparisons
drawn between climatology and
celestial mechanics (to the detriment
of the former) are less than helpful
IMO.  Nobody, expects that climatology
or meteorology will even attain the
level of precision in predictions that
are manifested by celestial mechanics.  
Celestial mechanics, after all, deals 
in relatively simple systems whereas 
meteorology and climatology deal 
in very complex
systems.  So it is necessarily the
case that the models used in those
sciences will tend to be data-driven
rather than derived, more or less
directly, from first principles.

Jim F.

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There was a recent report that some leading Japanese climate scientists are breaking with the IPCC's conclusions:


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