[Marxism] New title in the HM Book Series: Witnesses to Permanent Revolution: The Documentary Record

Paul Lefrak lefrak at gmail.com
Thu Mar 26 08:16:53 MDT 2009

Sorry, but as a librarian I have to make the following comment.  In the U.S.
at least (and many other countries as well), you can borrow the book from
your public or university library even if your own library does not own a
copy (which will almost definitely be the case).  Once you determine that
your library does not own it, ask the reference librarian to order it for
you via interlibrary loan, borrowing it from another institution.  The
service should be free, at least in the U.S.  Even remote public libraries
will do this.  You can also request your library purchase the book--and
while many institutions do give added weight to patron requests--I wouldn't
necessarily hold my breath that they'll order it for you.  Still it wouldn't
hurt to try.

One caveat:  since the book is so new, it may not be in anyone's collections
yet.  And most institutions will not lend their brand new material for up to
six months or a year via interlibrary loan.  If there aren't that many
copies nationally and there's a lot of people waiting for it, you may have
to wait a while.  Institutions also usually give priority to their own
patrons.  But you should eventually get it.

Public libraries are probably the institutions that would most resemble
socialist institutions of the future.  Folks should really take advantage of
them.  Plus by ordering books like this you increase the odds that your
library will select titles like this (or that particular one) in the future.

Paul Lefrak

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       Permanent Revolution: The Documentary Record
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From: Sebastian Budgen
> List price:
> ? 179.00 / US$ 286.00

US$ 286.00?

Excuse me while I roll around the floor laughing.


Thank you.

I won't be reading this book. Then again, I don't think anyone is meant to
read it.

Alan B

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