[Marxism] Dyson on Global Warming

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Thu Mar 26 10:31:40 MDT 2009

Well, as I think I mentioned

the characterization of the JSER as
". . . the academic society representing 
scientists from the energy and resource fields, 
and acts as a government advisory panel",
should tell us all we need to know about
where these guys are coming from.
And while some of their points are
well taken, some of their assertions
are indeed amusing.

Jim F.

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From: Craig Brozefsky <craig at red-bean.com>

Bob Hopson <bobhpsn at yahoo.com> writes:

> There was a recent report that some leading Japanese climate scientists are breaking with the IPCC's conclusions:
> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/02/25/jstor_climate_report_translation/

What a load of shite that was too.

Leading japanese climate scientist?

I suggest http://www.realclimate.org

As once can find rebuttals for everyone point raised by the industry
shills in that paper -- well except their more comical assertions.

Sincerely, Craig Brozefsky              <craig at red-bean.com>

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