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Dear Alex,
               I'm not sure that I agree with you concerning the dichotomy you appear to be drawing between loop work and education work in general.   The educational potential of the discussion loop has always been enormous, in my opinion, and branch and State educational work may be best orchestrated through the loop, as I perceive the situation.

I understand that the DSP has its own internal educational programme, and that is fine by me.  But the political education requirements of DSP cadres are not the same as the political education requirements of members and contacts of the Socialist Alliance.   Once the discussion loop is properly up and running again, I envisage that political discussion for this SA region (Western Australia) will be integrated with educational work.   If a moderator is appointed by the State Executive, then there should be no chance of a repeat of the experience of disruptive elements attempting to wreck the loop or the organisation in general.

Recruitment to SA well may be aided by distribution of 'Green Left Weekly', although, as I understand it, this newspaper is not an Alliance publication, but is a DSP organ.   As for mobilisation of members and cadres in political activity, aren't you putting the cart before the horse?   First of all we have to recruit new members and contacts and offer them a point of interaction with SA.    An accessible, democratically-run,  and lively discussion loop, where newer members and contacts can thrash out their ideas and thus learn in an interactive way what socialism is about, is in my view an essential prerequisite to getting contacts involved in political activity and campaigning.   In my opinion it is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL for a multi-tendency formation like the Alliance to have the widest degree of discussion and debate about policy, strategy and tactics within our context of Western Australia, as well as nationally.   Check the SA loop history in WA for the early years of the Alliance - that's what we need: fresh, uninhibited, and unintimidated political exchanges.   And if the DSP can't stand the heat in the kitchen, then they should get out of the Alliance.


Graham Milner
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  Hi Graham,

  I don't think you need worry that anybody thinks you were accusing or making any implication whatsoever that the DSP were restricting political debate and discussion within the Alliance.

  I'm sure it will be possible to alert SA members to the existence of the discussion list.

  More than email discussion, however, what I think the Alliance needs to "revive the level of participation" is practical advances in our mobilising strength and a sense of momentum around our activities, as well as political discussion and education (especially of the face-to-face variety). It is in developing these aspects of Alliance activity that I want to devote my energies at the moment, rather than email discussion. That said, you will notice that I did not oppose the proposal to alert members to the existence of the discussion list.

  Comradely regards

  Alex B

  On Tue, Mar 24, 2009 at 11:37 PM, Graham M. <gkmilner at v-app.com.au> wrote:

    Dear Alex,
                   I'm sorry if I might have given the impression at this
    evening's SA Perth branch meeting that I was suggesting or implying that
    members of the DSP, such as yourself, had some kind of agenda to restrict
    political debate and discussion within the Alliance.   But I do strongly
    believe that opportunities to freely debate politics within a multi-tendency
    organisation like SA are very necessary, and could help to revive the level
    of participation in SA's campaigns and activities.

    I hope that the State Executive does act on the motion we carried tonight,
    and does decide to offer the option to new contacts, and those already on
    the contact list (or GLW List), of subscribing to the discussion loop.
    Perhaps the branch's State Executive representative could suggest that the
    State Executive appoint a moderator to monitor discussion on, and other
    posts to, the loop.


    Graham M.

  Alex Bainbridge
  alexb at dsp.org.au


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