[Marxism] Obama: I am a New Democrat

Michael Friedman mikedf at amnh.org
Thu Mar 26 14:57:13 MDT 2009

not necessarily a loss. health insurance would be out of the hands of
private enterprise, which means that savings can be used to bolster
employment not only in health industry, but other sectors. yes, we can
expect some rationalization of health care, but that means replacement of
expensive, high-tech cardiac centers with labor intensive primary care
physicians and campaigns. and we'd still have to tackle the pharmaceutical
industry... *private* health insurance industry absorbs billions annually
in tax dollars, for one thing...

but this is moot, since single payer is apparently off the table. even
single payer advocates appear to be lowering their sites before congress'
complete write-off of the proposal:

"Meanwhile, in Congress HR-676 is "off the table" and we are ignored. And
the main health care debate seems to between mainstream democrats who
would like to see reform include a "public option", and conservative
democrats who side with the insurance industry and say no "Public Option"
[...] Should single payer activists shove our fingers in our
ears.....humming loudly, HR-676! HR-676.... to drown out this debate on
the public option? I think if we do that we make ourselves irrelevant in

"Or can we wear two hats, continue to build the long term momentum for
100% government funded healthcare, and also joining in on the fight to
ensure that a Public Option is included, and that it is done right --
meaning you have the option to buy-in Medicare -- the efficient,
government run program our parents or grandparents enjoy?"

-- posted by Chris Blair on the PHIMG listserve.

>Just on jobs and single payer. No, actually, I fully expect employment
>to go DOWN, slightly, with single payer. And that's good thing...! With
>a single payer federal system 90% of those employed at insurance
>companies are going to by laid off. This is because of the massive
>increase in efficiency that such a system will create. All those
>'managed care specialists', 'managed care hospital liaisons/hospital -
>managed care liaisons', accountants, gatekeepers, clerks, janitors, etc
>that are involved in pushing paper will go bye-bye and add to
>unemployment. Care will go up and SOME of the money saved, since costs
>will stabilize, will go to increase nurse-to-patiant rations, mostly I
>think there will be a net loss.


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