[Marxism] U. of Michigan Press says goodbye to dead trees

nada dwaltersMIA at gmail.com
Thu Mar 26 17:03:55 MDT 2009

"There isn't a single such scheme that's been around for a few years 
that hasn't been
broken, and mostly they last a few months."

Yet sales are increasing. DRM has a life to it and don't underestimate 
it. The readers are *better* than a computer screen, more portable than 
a laptop. I would take that bet any time with Joaquin.

Even getting around DRM now can take a while, as cracks are hard to come 
by and copying is a pain in the ass, if you've tried to do it. It will 
take that one person to "rip" the book as Joaquin noted on another 
thread today, to transcribe it and circulate it. Take it from someone 
who deals with this most of their time, it ain't happening as often as 
Joaquin makes it out to be.

Take science fiction, my personal favorite literary genre. A new, (yes, 
'competitive') non-monopoly publisher called Baen Books...started out of 
the blue about 10 years ago for nothing, and is now one of the biggest 
publishers in sci-fi, *encourages* e-books and free electronic libraries 
for much of their works. Ex-SWPer Eric Flint helped set up and it's 
thriving. But few people heist the e-books-for-pay and distribute them 
by pirate site or bittorent. It's just not done that often. I've never 
seen one of Flint's book that was not in e-book form floating around 
after someone scanned it in. So dead trees are hear to stay (thank the 
gods of wind and sun).

One thing we've found on the MIA is the constant influx of queries about 
"where to buy hard copy" of this or that work. I think that like *every* 
media technology, these new ones come along and simply add to, but never 
delete, the "previous inferior technology" (Radio-->TV-->Internet-->?) 
It just gets more centrifugal and *additional*. I actually see people 
with e-books now on the street. Never did *last year*. Something must be up.


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