[Marxism] writings of trotsky on second chinese revolution

S. Artesian sartesian at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 27 10:34:49 MDT 2009

"In a country like America, that long ago developed its nationwide 
industrial  infrastructure, we can pose the historical question of the 
bureaucracy,  different from how it appear to the combatants in say 2009 
Nepal,  1949 China or 1930‘s Soviet Union. In America we are dealing 
directly with the  value  relation. We are challenged to reformulate all 
historical questions on the  basis of  our stage of development and 
experience as value producers."

I think that, the above is absolutely correct, and that makes me disagree 
with WL's assertion that "The autonomous nature of Soviets -  the armed 
workers, is not sufficient to create and administer a nationwide  industrial 
infrastructure. At best the Soviets can only actualize the state  authority 
as the property holder".

The soviets, with a small "s,"councils, constitute the real overthrow of the 
value relation in that the councils compose the political and economic 
authority under the collective direction of the workers, the producers 
themselves.  This is essential for transforming the goal/role of production 
from the accumulation of exchange value to the satisfaction, and creation of 
more sophisticated, needs and use. 

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