[Marxism] New title in the HM Book Series: Witnesses to Permanent Revolution: The Documentary Record

John Thornton jthorn65 at sbcglobal.net
Fri Mar 27 15:35:48 MDT 2009

Of course e-books have a place. It's a great idea. I have a Kindle and 
for some texts it's great.
There are however some book that don't translate so readily into an 
electronic format.
I also happen to like books. I have thousands of them and have no desire 
to see them all replaced with electronic versions.
What I objected to was the idea of bittorrent sharing as a replacement 
for libraries or the idea that this type of file sharing is somehow a 
"better" model for socialism than libraries.
Both are silly statements.
That someone who doesn't believe file sharing is either a replacement 
for libraries and/or a "better" model for socialism is a reactionary is 
an equally silly idea.
David's post made both those ridiculous claims.

John Thornton

S. Artesian wrote:
> Come on John, nobody's saying that.  But... perhaps you should consider 
> this-- You ever travel on a subway, Metro, in NYC, Paris, Moscow, London, 
> Tokyo, Mexico City, etc. and see all those school kids with all those 
> textbooks in all those backpacks?  Well, all those textbooks would fit 
> easily into one 11 ounce Ereader.
> Matter of fact, I'm working on a project right now to do exactly that-- put 
> textbooks in eformat and provide students with electronic readers.
> If you want to carry a paper printed book, go right ahead, but their is a 
> human need for compression, condensing, information.
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> I assume you will put yourself in charge of re-education camps when that
> glorious day comes?
> John Thornton
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