[Marxism] Ebooks (Was: New title in the HM Book ...)

Ian Angus ecosocialism at gmail.com
Sat Mar 28 09:21:01 MDT 2009

Over the next three weeks I will spend more than 40 hours in airplanes
-- and that doesn't count the time I'll spend sitting in departure

In the past, I would have had to carry many pounds of books to get me
through that experience with my sanity intact. My carry-on bags were
almost un-carryable, and despite that I have more than once read
everything I was carrying and been forced to resort to the in-flight

This time I have a Sony Reader, which weighs 9 ounces (255 grams). To
allow for a wide range of reading moods, I have loaded about 100 books
in it, ranging from Marxist classics (German Ideology, 18th Brumaire)
to classic literature (Middlemarch, Our Mutual Friend) to some current
mystery and SF novels. Most I got free (our local library offers
ebooks). Some I paid modest fees for. Current novels in ebook form are
usually sold at close to hard-cover prices, so I don't bother with

Some I converted into ebook format using text from the Marxist
Internet Archive. (I wish MIA offered ebooks.)

Using the Reader is not the same as reading a real book. It's hard to
browse, impossible to write marginal notes. But it works, it is
convenient, and it lets me carry a library in my shoulder bag. I'm
hooked ...

Ian Angus

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