[Marxism] query re water and malnutrition deaths

Debordagoria phantasmagorias at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 28 10:03:27 MDT 2009

Some sources give malnutrition death figures, while others give figures for deaths due to unsafe water, but clearly the two causes are closely related, as the WHO inicates  they write:

" Water supply, sanitation and hygiene, given their direct impact on infectious disease, especially diarrhoea, are important for preventing malnutrition. Both malnutrition and inadequate water supply and sanitation are linked to poverty. The impact of repeated or persistent diarrhoea on nutrition-related poverty and the effect of malnutrition on susceptibility to infectious diarrhoea are reinforcing elements of the same vicious circle, especially amongst children in developing countries."

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> Subject: [Marxism] query re water and malnutrition deaths
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> Date: Saturday, March 28, 2009, 10:58 AM
> When global malnutrition deaths are quoted (such as 24,000
> per day, say), do these figures include those due to unsafe
> or inadequate water supplies? The sites that talk about
> deaths due to water issues don't seem to mention food, and
> vice versa. 
> Michael D. 
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