[Marxism] Not 'RoP' but '% of total profits' - duh. Re: US profitscollapse in 4th qtr

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Sat Mar 28 23:01:42 MDT 2009

Granted that the peasant population has not advanced in China, I did mention that sustainable agriculture should be the goal. As I said, both the USA and China could learn a lot from Cuba, which has put much scientific and technical expertise behind their organic ag. program.  

The fact that the Chinese state has neglected this sector does not mean it should continue to do so. Such neglect reinforces popular conceptions of the onerous and labor intensive characteristics of peasant agriculture. Agriculture needs to be restored in popular consciousness as a noble profession. 

The problem is not necessarily something that would be automatically solved by a revolutionary upheaval. The problem runs deeper than that.   

Of course, land tenure patterns cannot be ignored either.  

Greg McDonald
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