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Isn't it high time to reconceptualize what it means to be an advanced  
Given the ecological crisis, having two-thirds of the population of China  
engaged in sustainable agriculture is not necessarily a bad thing, while we here 
 in the USA could use many more organic farms than exist currently. Having so 
 much of the population alienated from the land puts us at a distinct  
We could learn much from the example of Cuba in that respect. So could  
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In  a revolutionary America - with economic communism in force,  
advertisement on television, of food stuff and most consumer products would be  banished. 
At least that is my opinion and hope. Billboards would be used for  other 
purposes and not product advertisement. Foodstuff would not be loaded with  
stimulants accelerating craving. Food consumption could probably decline by 50%  in 
a very short time, just by eliminating advertisement for food and removing  
much of the additives to food. .Say, a radical reduction in consumption  in the 
space of 24 months. The production of food for use rather than  exchange, is 
only one leg of the problem. The other leg is the dinner table  of the 
bourgeoisie, offered to the workers as food. For instance the concept  "three square 
meals" is bourgeois. Did not the milk industry create the concept  of a 
wholesome diet as daily dairy consumption? 
The point is that an advance society and an advance agricultural section of  
society involves breaking some very bad habit we inherited from our 
bourgeoisie.  Milk consumption has been falling more than less for 50 years. Rather than 
 trying to conceptualize an advance society based on advanced technique, if 
the  problem is attacked from the stand point of the history of eating and the  
commodity form of food, we need not fall prey to vision of impending 
disaster,  based on trying to sustain a basket of bourgeois needs under economic 
I do not suggest this is your approach. 
Just thinking out loud. 
10 - 15 years ago this issue of foodstuff and the commodity form of food  
could not really be discussed. Today with America gripped by an obesity crisis,  
opposition political currents are brewing opposed to the "American diet." Even 
 the degree of alcohol and tobacco consumption is conditioned by what one 
eats. A  more rational use of land is needed. Also a change in what is produced 
is  needed. 
A real science and history of foodstuff is needed. 
Minimally our change in food consumption with be as great as the change in  
food consumption that took place between the table of the peasant/serf and that 
 of the industrial capitalist/proletarian. We might need to try to visualize 
a  society where bourgeois need and the commodity form has been fundamentally  
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