[Marxism] FT: Btazil pres says Blacks, indigenous should not pay for crisis made by whites

S. Artesian sartesian at earthlink.net
Sun Mar 29 10:57:03 MDT 2009

I knew this was coming to the list, only I expected it would come from 
Joaquin-- the old "devil with blue eyes"-- not to be confused with "Devil In 
a Blue Dress,"-- that old Nation of Islam claptrap being so appealing-- what 
was it Bebel called anti-semitism-- "the socialism of fools"?  Well not  OF 
fools, but for fools maybe.  This white devil theory isn't far removed from 

Pretty incredible that Lula, president of a country where despite the 
official mythology, racism is still so operational, where social development 
indicators for sectors of the population pretty much follow degrees of skin 
color; president of a country where indigenous people and their habitats are 
under constant pressure, should identify the blue-eyed white devils.

Especially when his central bank is tethered to the blue eyed white devils 
Obama and Bernanke -- by the currency swap lines that were used to keep 
Brazil's exporters in business when the indigenous swarthy private bankers 
refused to issue letters of credit or make loans to finance trade.  Wait a 
minute, you say they're not blue-eyed and/or white?  Mere technicality.

Listen, Lula, you left out the Jews.  If you want to make headway with the 
Nation of Islam interpretation of history, and pick up a few votes from the 
stray Vargas supporter or two, not to mention some die-hard Bolivian 
nationalists [pre and MNR era] don't forget those curly-headed, dark-eyed, 
grubby fingered Jews with their bloodlust for the blonde, blue-eyed shiksa.

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Brazil president blames white people for crisis

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