[Marxism] Not 'RoP' but '% of total profits' - duh. Re:USprofits collapse in 4th qtr

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I'm sure it takes real effort to run a successful farm.  But exactly how are 
you measuring success?  That's a social VALUATION, not a moral quality.

Exactly how many people are farming how many acres "organically" and how 
many people are they in turn sustaining?

We're talking about actual history here, actual conditions of development. 
Do you think any medium sized, small sized, organic or non-organic farm 
would be able to support social development if it weren't for the already 
existing infrastructure of roads, telecommunications, railroads, 
manufacturing fabrication that already exists and is available?

And how did all that infrastructure get there-- by maintaining 63-66% of the 
population in rural production?

Where are the roosts coming from for all those free range chicken to lay 
their organic eggs.

Do your organic farmers use trucks to get their produce to you?  Or do they 
use mules-- where are they in the sertao of Brazil-- or in the most populous 
and and well developed areas of the United States?   Bicycles?  If so, who's 
producing the bikes?

What are you sending these messages on right now, clay tablets?

You think having 2/3 of the population persist in agricultural production is 
or can be the result of sustainable development?  Of real wealth creation?

I suspect what you see as a solution to this is in actuality depopulation of 
the cities, creating 2 million, 3 million, many million little rural hamlets 
of sustainable, and isolated, production.

Sounds  to me like Solzhenitsyn in his letter to the Soviet leaders.

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