[Marxism] New title in the HM Book Series: Witnesses to Permanent

Max Clark poeticaleconomy at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 29 13:53:24 MDT 2009

Derrida's *Paper Machine* and *Archive Fever* both touch presciently on questions of archival technology. Certain resonances with Bustelo's most recent "efflorescence" (to be kind) are apparent. To demonstrate this, an early quote from *Archive Fever*:

'There is no political power without control of the archive, if not of memory. Effective democratization can always be measured by this essential criterion: the participation in and the access to the archive, its constitution, and its interpretation.'

(One reading of this implies the question of the party paper, the limits of Lenin, and the private ownership of the means of communication in general. 

Put otherwise, who owns the paper? Or, to be a strict Leninist, who owns the paper owns the party. The means of communication are the means of organization [see: Lenin, *What is to Be Done?*]. Further, following R. Williams, if the means of communication are themselves means of production, they are thus privately owned by capitalists, and without exception under the capitalist mode of production. The socialist/communist party is therefore the business of ending all business; a beautifully contradictory entity in short. More later...)

Know that I haven't been following this discussion very closely though, so please excuse any redundancies.

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