[Marxism] (Fwd) Dalai Lama controversy: "Marxist monk" won't bed at Hotel Michaelangelo, agh shame

J.M.P.Cloke at lboro.ac.uk J.M.P.Cloke at lboro.ac.uk
Sun Mar 29 15:05:50 MDT 2009

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div.Section1 	{page:Section1;} --> Yeah, or Éamon de 
Valera  being the only leader in the world to send his 
condolences to Nazi Germany on the death of Hitler, and 
then trying to fulfil his obligations to a supporter of 
his struggle against imperialist aggression by giving 
refuge to Breton, Croat and Dutch ex-SS guilty of mass 

It's about time you petty bourgeios moralists came to 
realize that once the struggle against an imperialist 
oppressor has been declared, anything goes!

Jon Cloke

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