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Maybe every home, apartment and patio will have space allocated for the  
growing of produce. The drug cartel has proven the viability of hot house  
growing, using far to many chemicals but the lesson should not be lost.  

The antagonism between town and country is resolvable. The  contradiction 
between town and country is not resolvable, or rather is resolved  different at 
each stage of growth of productive forces, the property relation;  the rise and 
fall of the value relation and growth of knowledge. Then the  contradiction 
reappears in a different form. 

All of us are suckers  for the hard answers. 

Once industrial capital establishes its  hegemony over society and recreates 
society in its vision, the wheels of history  cannot be turned backwards. We 
cannot undo the industrial infrastructure, on  which sits and is 
institutionalized, the breach and antagonism between town and  country. The agricultural 
question is only partially resolvable, on the basis of  the era in which one 
lives. The era is not just property but a material  configuration of productive 
forces, geography and body of sciences. At its  irreducible base the 
agricultural question - issue, means eating food.  

The metabolic rift appears as alienated labor. Or rather alienated  labor is 
the irreducible basis for the metabolic rift. Alienated labor assumes a  
material form. 

Alienated labor imply the act of engaging nature  and reshaping its material 
for human purposes or as our species external  connection with nature. This 
external connection is external because it is  experienced as producers 
confronting the products of human laboring. The  products manifest/is alienated labor. 
That is to say, I do not understand  alienated labor, in its genesis, to 
begin with the rise of capital as an "ism."  

The metabolic rift is the impact of alienated labor and evolves  into a 
breach in the biosphere under the leadership of the bourgeoisie. What  widens the 
rift into a breach is bourgeois commodity production - production for  exchange 
value.  All of human history up to the epoch of the bourgeoisie  was not 
enough to produce metabolic breach. The depth of this breach is the  stuff of 
legendary scientific disputes of which much is over my head.  

The agricultural question - eating, as an expression of private  property - 
class, is defeated and dissolved, and a new line of history is opened  by 
revolutionaries. The agricultural question is "dissolved" from two directions  in 
the sense of property; the overthrow of the power of capital and with it the  
commodity form of foodstuff - subsistence, and the development of science, as  
productive forces, technique and knowing. 

Reducing the  agricultural question to eating means there is no permanent 
fix. Only stages of  partial resolution. These stages of resolution will serve as 
a gage of the  society advance under universal economic communism, after 
classes and the state  - as we know it and have known it, have withers away. 
Perhaps, "withering" is  not "phat" enough to convey what is the proper 
concept/idea to us . . . in real  time.  

All of history is riveted to and gyrates around  securing adequate supplies 
of food stuff. It is the historic fight for foodstuff  that creates the 
material for classes as property relations.  

Engels tried to outline the presentation of this issue in his  "Transition 
from Ape to Man" fragment. 

Anytime a group of Marxists  discuss anything, for decades, and cannot 
produce a general vision of  what  is a probable path of development, I am inclined 
to believe we are exceeding the  boundary of what is possible or posing the 
issue partially or incorrectly. Thus,  the solution seems to escape our 
immediate theoretical grasp. There is a chance  that all of us are just screwed up in 
the head . . . but not likely. Or rather,  we are less screwed up than the 
bourgeois ideologists. 

Seems we  hit the wall of botany as a science and the science of nutrition, 
along with the  need for greater insight into geographic specificity, inasmuch 
as before the  advent of the bourgeois power, eating was a very local and 
seasonal thing. These  fields require individuals that specialize in such inquiry. 

The  international market for the commodity form of foodstuff - (not the  
international infrastructure), should be and will be destroyed.  On this  basis 
the infrastructure is reshaped and evolved. 

Then we see what  happens. 

Private property makes it difficult to see beyond its  boundary. We do not 
consume food: we consume the commodity form of food and all  this implies. 
Difficult subject. 


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