[Marxism] Failure to learn: was Re: British Government Refuses To Discuss Sovereignty of Malvinas

Anthony Boynton anthony.boynton at gmail.com
Sun Mar 29 21:02:32 MDT 2009

 Someone, apparently a supporter of British imperialism, named Jon Cloke
contributed the little note below on the Malvinas. He claims to have been
invited to Nicaragua by the FSLN, but clearly did not understand the pint
they were making to him. British imperial rule over any part of the world is
a crime. Period. If someone tries to kick them out, good on them. Period.
Irrespective of any other issues.

When the British colonial settlers in the colonies on the east coast of
North America rebelled, the War of Independence to the Brits, the American
Revolution to most others, George Washingont et. al were glad to accept the
support of the King of France, despite all of his crimes against humanity.
Most of the American revolutionaries were happy to support the French
revolution a few years later, too. If some Brit had condemned Washington,
Jefferson et. al for accepting the support of the reactionary King of France
back then, on the grounds that England was parliamentary etc., the colonial
independence fighters would have laughed at them.

Which is probably what the FSLN militants felt like doing with Mr. Cloke.

"When I was living in Monimbo in Masaya (Nicaragua), I was
looking over some maps of the barrios in the Alcaldia when
I noticed that there was a 'barrio Las Malvinas'. I asked
my FSLN hosts why that was, and they said that they named
it out of solidarity with the anti-imperialist struggle of
the Argentinian people during the Falklands war.

"I said: "But when you named the barrio Las Malvinas, the
Argentine people were under a military dictatorship that
had murdered thousands of the working class and not only
that, but that dictatorship was responsible for arming and
financing the Guardia Civil/Contra in Honduras and acting
as a refuge for ex-Somozistas, while the Falklands war was
actually going on, until the US got in on the act and took
over as i/c counterrevolution."

"A pause. "Si, pero no nos gusta el imperialismo.." Truly
the solidarity of anti-colonial sentiment is a wonderful

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