[Marxism] Newsweek's unintentional admission

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Mar 30 07:48:10 MDT 2009


Newsweek's unintentionally revealed, central truth
A new article by Evan Thomas describes perfectly the role of that 
magazine, its reporters, and our media stars generally.

Glenn Greenwald

Mar. 29, 2009

In his just-released cover story on Paul Krugman's status as Obama 
critic, Newsweek's Evan Thomas includes these observations:

     By definition, establishments believe in propping up the existing 
order. Members of the ruling class have a vested interest in keeping 
things pretty much the way they are.  Safeguarding the status quo, 
protecting traditional institutions, can be healthy and useful, 
stabilizing and reassuring.

Thomas then acknowledges what is glaringly obvious not only about 
himself but also most of his media-star colleagues:  "If you are of the 
establishment persuasion (and I am) . . ."

One day in the near future, Thomas should have a luncheon or perhaps a 
nice Sunday brunch at his home, invite over all of his journalist 
friends who work in the media divisions of our largest corporations, and 
they should spend 15 minutes or so assembling these sentences together, 
and then examine what these facts mean for the actual role played by 
establishment journalists, the functions they fulfill, whose interests 
they serve, and the vast, vast disparities between (a) those answers and 
(b) the pretenses about their profession and themselves which they 
continue, ludicrously, to maintain.  To make the discussion less 
strenuous on the guests' brains, Thomas, as a good host, could provide 
visual illustrations such as this and this.

Also, in the name of consumer protection, television news shows and the 
largest newspapers ought to place that above-excerpted paragraph by 
Thomas as a warning at the top of every product they produce.

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