[Marxism] General Strike Comics: Has it come to jail time to wipe out graffiti?

Christopher Hutchinson christopher.hutch at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 05:04:41 MDT 2009

*Every time we turn on the television, look toward billboards in the sky, or
open a magazine, we are bombarded with the art of the capitalist media.   It
is an aspect of our cultural life that can not be ignored. Yet when working
class youth try to find their cultural voice in a society that is ever more
alienating they are labled as criminals.  Notice how a quote fraom
the officer in the article below compares a graffiti writer to a dog lifting
its leg.*

“I paint it over and it is usually tagged again in 48 hours,” said Jones,
who covers up graffiti on her home and other buildings on her block. “It
used to be weeks, but now those guys are out there every night.”

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