[Marxism] First things first [British Government and the Sovereignty of Malvinas]

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Tue Mar 31 07:21:09 MDT 2009

Nestor wrote:
>The image of Latin American armies as 
>gangs of fat, large moustache, cruel bullies that Hollywood and 
>sources have been selling to the world has little to do with  
>realities, save for those armies that were tailored as "National 
>Guards" by the USofAm and its imperialist military.
>It was certainly NOT this way in Argentina, 1982.
This was certainly true of the Air Force that fought heroically and 
very effectively against the British. Had it not been for a design 
flaw in their ordnance, it is possible that the initial invasion 
would have been 
repulsed because of the numbers of British ships sunk. On the other 
hand I have always believed that that the armies of many countries 
in South America have suffered from their emphasis on domestic 
repression as opposed to defense against foreign threats or 
imperialist domination. 

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