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I would say, in relation to Diego Garcia that India had no 
more right to them than I have to your back garden; the 
Ilois people, who at the beginning of the century were 60% 
African-Malagasy and some 40% Tamil, (an artificial 
creation following the French claiming of the uninhabited 
islands in 1776) are the only true legitimate inhabitants 
and had been part of the British Empire until 1968 when as 
a result of Mauritian independence they got sold to the 
British by Mauritius (which had no right to do so and did 
so in contravention of UN resolution 2066 of 1965), an act 
of imperial bastardry which has few parallels, except 
perhaps the complete extermination of the Tasman 
aborigines by the British in the 19th century and for 
which we have yet to apologise, let alone give the islands 
back as the UK High Court said we should.
In terms of Eire invading Northern Ireland, I would say 
that given the ‘fact on the ground’ created by the 
establishment of the Protestant community since the 17th 
century (now over 400 years in the making) and the de 
facto separation of the six counties from Eire since the 
liberation, both Eire and the UK would be best off leaving 
the six counties to their own devices (that means UK 
troops, police and anyone else out now) and working out 
their own self-determination. I think the putting of 
troops into Northern Ireland in 1969 was a stupid, bad 
mistake and has only put off the inevitable for thirty 
years and at the same time allowed the sectarian divide to 
become far worse and the problems created more 
intractable. At the same time, had it been (for instance) 
Irish troops who entered in 1969, to protect the 
Republican community, I think that the exact seem thing 
would have happened, only with the positions completely 

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On Mon, 30 Mar 2009 14:09:40 -0300
  Nestor Gorojovsky <nmgoro at gmail.com> wrote:
> I wonder, what would Mr. Cloke say if India invaded 
>Diego García -or if 
> Eire invaded Ulster?
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