[Marxism] Liberal Scare-Mongers Attack Progressive Food Bill

Shane Mage shmage at pipeline.com
Tue Mar 31 12:49:31 MDT 2009

On Mar 31, 2009, at 1:03 PM, chegitz guevara wrote:

> In the last couple of weeks, hysteria among progressives has begun to
> sweep the internet. Claiming that a bill before Congress right now
> HR875 would end organic farming...
> ...It is claimed that the bill makes it illegal to have your own  
> backward
> garden. Such language would be unconstitutional, because Congress only
> has the authority to regulate interstate commerce. Food grown for your
> own consumption or even food grown for local markets cannot be
> regulated by Congress--period!...

What world are you living in, comrade? Don't you know that Congress,  
despite the obvious unconstitutionality, has made it illegal to grow  
marijuana in your own back yard for your own consumption and even for  
local markets? Don't you know that the Supreme Court long ago, obvious  
unconstitutionality notwithstanding, "interpreted" the interstate  
commerce clause to give the government the right to exercise plenary  
power over every aspect of life in this "democratic" Republic?

> ...Other lies include a national animal ID. Again, nothing in the bill
> creates this, [are you saying that nothing in the bill could be  
> interpreted or misinterpreted by the FDA as giving it authority to  
> mandate a national animal ID?] but if it did, is that a bad thing?  
> Is it really a problem being able to track individual food animals...

A mandatory national animal ID would apply to every chicken, rabbit,  
goat, ewe, cow, duck, or goose in every back yard in the country.  It  
would be an impossible financial burden for everyone but the  
agribusiness conglomerates.  And you think that's not a bad thing?

The alarm over this bill may well be exaggerated.  But after Obama's  
lies about opposing FICA and torture one should mistrust anything  
coming out of DC.

Shane Mage

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