[Marxism] DEAsucks.com -- Supreme Court Rules Against Use ofMedical Marijuana

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 15:35:48 MDT 2009

sabocat59 wrote, "deasucks.com is an advocate for the rights of chronic pain
patients..." and a bunch of other stuff about medical marijuana and perhaps
some other "controlled substances."

And being somewhat medicinal myself just about now, not to say medicated, I
thought, what a great idea. So I searched for USsucks.com and USAsucks.com.

And found that both were taken by profiteering cyber-squatters demanding a
king's ransom for the domain names. And i thot to myself, y'know, there
could not be a better illustration in internet terms of the truth expressed
in those domain names than that they're being held for ransom. So I left
them alone.

Gotta go -- wanna check on "usareallysucks.com," and, failing that,


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