[Marxism] Just for the fun of it

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 16:31:59 MDT 2009

John Cloke keyboards: "Third off, the unfortunate aspect of the list seems
to be when people who I would describe as rigid structuralists attempt to
set up what Bourdieu would describe as doxa, something which is beyond
discussion, accepted without question. Nestor seems to do this in a number
of respects - the Malvinas belong to Argentina and this may not be debated;
Jon Cloke is either a Marxist in which case he is wrong, or a non-Marxist,
in which case I will ignore him."

I don't think the problem is as much with "rigid structuralists" as with
"imperialist apologists."

"The Malvinas belong to Argentina and this may not be debated," writes
Cloke, describing the reigidity he finds so off-putting. Really, you can
DEBATE it all you want. But when you do, please realize that you thereby
brand yourself as a petty-bourgeois, pro-imperialist, social-democrat (and
thus phrases like, "what Bourdieu would describe as doxa" are ENTIRELY
unnecessary: your petty-bourgeois dilettantism is quite thoroughly
demonstrated by your inability to take sides, NOT EVEN against *your own*
imperialism in an actual shooting war). Compared to that, it must be
admitted that reading Bourdieu is merely a venial sin, though name dropping
him onlist, as if we were going to start doing some serious academic
butt-kissing, is quite tacky, and fruitless. 

And don't get misled by our esteemed moderator's Louis's movie reviews: he
may be able to spell "äuteur" in the original french on his blog, but when
it comes to something like the Malvinas, you NEVER have to ask what side he
is on. 

I'm sure where you hang out things are different, but hereabouts Marxism is
more in the vein of hanging the last capitalist with the entrails of the
last bureaucrat sort of thing, though if you want to re-enforce the rope
with the guts of some disemboweled preacher, you'll not get any complaints
for me.  


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