[Marxism] Marx & Engels ebooks

nada dwaltersMIA at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 20:37:25 MDT 2009

Hi David,
 actually the reason "whole" copies of works are not available have 
nothing to do with DVD sales (which are pretty much in the dumps these 
days because Broadband is increasingly ubiquitous), it has to do with 
bandwidth, actually, and to a certain degree with server space. About 
95% of the Chinese section of the MIA is PDF and because of this it is 
one our biggest band width hogs. It is quite a pain, actually. We have 
mix and match and lot of PDFs anyway, like Capital, I think. The French 
side of the house does everything in RTF, PDF and HTML. We are all for 
others doing bitorrent, actually, and we love that people use whole 
sections of the MIA or even mirror the whole things. We live for Public 
Domain. Anyway, I did post your point to our list, we'll see if there 
are any comments.

David W.

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