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Craig Brozefsky craig at red-bean.com
Tue Mar 31 21:30:10 MDT 2009

JC Helary <brandelune at gmail.com> writes:

> On mercredi 01 avr. 09, at 11:37, nada wrote:
>> actually the reason "whole" copies of works are not available have
>> nothing to do with DVD sales (which are pretty much in the dumps these
>> days because Broadband is increasingly ubiquitous), it has to do with
>> bandwidth, actually, and to a certain degree with server space.
> This is a typical use case for torrents: save bandwidth and remove the  
> load from the server.

Assuming that there is a consistent set of others who are seeding.
Being a seed itself, particularly the only consistent seed, can hose
you and piss odd your ISP.  I think they are correct in pointing out
that with a shifting content set, a torrent is not gonna be such a big

> In fact the whole MIA as well as packages for the various native  
> languages available should be available _exclusively_ as tarred  
> torrents.

Zipped would prolly be better, but whatevs.

BTW, on tight budgets it is non-trivial to roll these things out, so I
would caution people against crossing the line between friendly
suggestions and backset sysadminning.

Sincerely, Craig Brozefsky              <craig at red-bean.com>

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