[Marxism] What's new at Links: Honduras deal, Cuba, ISO, S. Africa, Cultural Revolution, Pakistan, African Communist, CPA councillors, anti-war march, NGO cretinism

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What's new at Links: Honduras deal, Cuba, ISO, S. Africa, Cultural 
Revolution, Pakistan, African Communist, CPA councillors, anti-war 
march, NGO cretinism

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    Honduras: Deal signed for Zelaya's return, but struggle continues

By *Stuart Munckton*
October 31, 2009 -- After more than 120 days of mass resistance by the 
poor majority of Honduras, against a coup regime that overthrew elected 
President Manuel Zelaya, the regime has finally signed an agreement for 
Zelaya's reinstatement.

    * Read more <http://links.org.au/node/1328>

    Cuba: UN for the 18th consecutive year demands end to US blockade

*Vote: 187 in favour to 3 against, with 2 abstentions*

    * Read more <http://links.org.au/node/1324>

    Paul Le Blanc -- Why I'm joining the US International Socialist
    Organization: Intensifying the struggle for social change

/ /By *Paul Le Blanc*
October 2009 -- I have decided to join the International Socialist 
Organization (ISO) because I believe socialists can and must, at this 
moment, intensify the struggle to bring about positive social change.

    * Read more <http://links.org.au/node/1323>

    South Africa: Time for a new democratic left party?

By *Mazibuko K. Jara*
October 30, 2009 -- Our country is in crisis. There is deepening 
inequality, many people live in permanent poverty and millions are 
unemployed for most of their adult lives. Women continue to suffer from 
social oppression, violence and poverty. The very ecological and 
biophysical conditions for our human existence are under threat. 
Retrogressive ideologies in our society are gaining ground: we are going 
back to ethnic identity, we have retrogressive notions of womanhood, we 
have seen the rise in the power of undemocratic rule of unelected 
chiefs. The state is dysfunctional, corrupt and fraudulent. The state 
seems unwilling to confront the economic system that produces all these 
crises. Together, none of these socioeconomic problems can be addressed 
by a South Africa that reproduces capitalism. These problems require 
solutions that go beyond capitalist accumulation.

    * Read more <http://links.org.au/node/1327>

    China: Youth and the Cultural Revolution <http://links.org.au/node/1326>

By *Graham Milner*
The revolution that brought the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to power 
in 1949 marked the second great breach, after the Russian Revolution of 
October 1917, in the 20th century imperialist world order, and initiated 
a process that was to remove from the capitalist orbit the most populous 
nation in the world, containing over a quarter of its population. The 
revolution of 1949 aroused vast expectations not only among China's 
popular masses, but also among the peoples of the Third World as a 
whole, and indeed among the socialist-minded everywhere.[2] However, by 
the end of the 20th century, communism had been overturned in Eastern 
Europe and the USSR, while in China a largely discredited, 
authoritarian, Stalinist regime had virtually abandoned anything more 
than a nominal adherence to socialist ideals. So what went wrong?

    * Read more <http://links.org.au/node/1326>

    Pakistan: What to do about religious fundamentalism?

By *Farooq Tariq*
October 28, 2009 -- Once again Pakistan has become the focus of world 
attention. Every day there is news of the latest suicide attack or 
military operation, with killings, injuries and the displacing of 
communities. Recently schools were ordered closed for more than a week. 
Even children talk about death and suicide attacks.
With more than 125 police checkpoints in Islamabad, it has become a 
fortress city. Lahore and other large cities are suffering the same 
fate: there are police road blockades everywhere. After each terrorist 
attack authorities issue another security high alert and set up 
additional barriers. How ironic that, until recently, officials and the 
media described these "terrorists" as Mujahideen fighting for an Islamic 

    * Read more <http://links.org.au/node/1325>

    South Africa: 'The African Communist': 50 years of mobilisation,
    analysis <http://links.org.au/node/1322>

/ /

By *Blade Nzimande*
October 26, 2009 -- A browse through the very first edition of the 
/African Communist/ in 1959 not only gives an insight into the time and 
context during which it was launched but also the courageous and defiant 
character of those who breathed life into our historic journal:
``This magazine, the /African Communist/, has been started by a group of 
Marxist-Leninists in Africa, to defend and spread the inspiring and 
liberating ideas of Communism in our great Continent, and to apply the 
brilliant scientific method of Marxism to the solution of its problems. 
It is being produced in conditions of great difficulty and danger. 
Nevertheless we mean to go on publishing it, because we know that Africa 
needs Communist thought, as dry and thirsty soil needs rain.''

    * Read more <http://links.org.au/node/1322>

    Australia: Red councillors during the Cold War: Communists on Sydney
    City Council, 1953-59 <http://links.org.au/node/1321>

Recent electoral victories in Australia by socialists at the municipal 
council level -- the Socialist Party's Stephen Jolly in Victoria and 
Socialist Alliance's Sam Wainwright in Western Australia -- have sparked 
renewed interest in the experiences of other socialists who have been 
elected to such bodies. With permission of the Rough Reds Collective, 
/Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal/ is publishing 
Beverley Symons' paper that examines the example of Communist Party of 
Australia members elected to the Sydney City Council in the 1950s. This 
article first appeared in the 2003 book /A Few Rough Reds/, published by 
the Australian Society for the Study of Labour History, Canberra Region 

    * Read more <http://links.org.au/node/1321>

    Britain: Landmark demo against the war in Afghanistan + videos

By *Robin Beste*
October 25, 2009 -- Stop the War's demonstration on October 24 brought 
the centre of London to a standstill. It was a landmark demonstration, 
led by Lance Corporal Joe Glenton -- the first serving soldier in the 
British army to join an anti-war march.

    * Read more <http://links.org.au/node/1320>

    Asia: NGOs display `lobby cretinism' over ASEAN human rights
    commission <http://links.org.au/node/1319>

By *Giles Ji Ungpakorn*
October 25, 2009 -- The Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) 
is made up of Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Burma, Brunei and 
Singapore, which are all authoritarian states. It also includes the 
semi-democratic Malaysia, along with the Philippines and Indonesia, 
which are more or less democratic. Would anyone expect a gathering of 
government leaders from these countries to set up a genuine human rights 
commission? Apparently, some NGOs from the region did think so.

    * Read more <http://links.org.au/node/1319>

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