[Marxism] Worries of a Zionist

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 06:55:17 MST 2009

The Commentary article, which is from May, identifies Oren as an
academic, but since then he has become Israel's ambassador to the UN.
Oren was born in the US -- just like the individual terrorist arrested
yesterday for murdering Palestinians. (Oren, in contrast, is part of
the institutional terrorist apparatus.)
Oren says:
" In the absence of a realistic two-state paradigm, international
pressure will grow to transform Israel into a binational state. This
would spell the end of the Zionist project. Confronted with the
lawlessness and violence endemic to other one-state situations in the
Middle East such as Lebanon and Iraq, multitudes of Israeli Jews will
I'll leave aside his racist slur against the other states, and the
fact that this lawlessness and violence was caused by the
imperialists. But I agree with his conclusion about emigration, and
say right fucking on. I hope everyone in "Israel" born in the US (and
Moldava!!!) leaves. And of those born in "Israel" or who emigrated
there right after WWII, let them stay if they can learn to behave like
civilized human beings and not like colonists.

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