[Marxism] Labor, the Antiwar Movement and the Democratic Party,

nada dwaltersMIA at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 16:52:34 MST 2009

There is the little matter of the maker of that motion failing to point 
out that the picket of this meeting was in fact the SFLC's Labor Day 
breakfast. A detail he only owned up to after being challenged and then 
admitting "he forgot". If you know the maker of the motion, his 
reputations is one of "smoke and mirrors". The majority of the people at 
the Coalition meeting were unaware that his was a SFLC event. We would 
be picketing the SFLC...in fact one of the groups the Coalition was 
seeking to bring INTO the coalition.

I agree it's a tactical question which, if the motion had been presented 
honestly, which it was not, this would of been a non-event. But 
dishonestly turned this into a "huge decades long appearance of a 
debate" because of do-nothing liberal Alexander Cockburn lining up with 
one side of this conflict when he was totally abstenionist until fed the 
information by the maker of the motion.

...and here we are.


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