[Marxism] San Francisco Labor Council

Kenneth Morgan kenmor1968 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 23:12:45 MST 2009

Without getting involved in the merits of whether or not to picket Nancy
Pelosi, at the SF Labor Council breakfast, not having set foot in that city
for over 5 years, I remember quite a few contradictory actions by that labor
council. I used to be a member of Local 6 of the International Longshore and
Warehouse Union (ILWU) which is in the Warehouse Division. U.S. Senator from
California, Diane Feinstein became one of the most hated politicians, by
members of the ILWU Longshore Division, for her support of Taft Hartley
injunction against Longshoremen who were LOCKED OUT by management in 2002..
How did the San Francisco Labor Council respond? Shortly after she was the
honored guest at a Labor Council breakfast! How did the leadership of the
ILWU respond? With a silence so defeaning, that you could have heard a mouse
pissing on cotton.

Earlier that year, the SF Labor Council supported a resolution calling for
Israel to leave the occupied territories. A month later, after clearing the
hall of non-delegates (San Francisco labor council meetings are open to the
public, or were anyway) this same labor council voted to rescind that very
same resolution. For more see:

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