[Marxism] The Roots of the Pale Green Shoots

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Also look at the Economic Indicators from the Census Bureau Economics's 
Briefing Room.  I think unfilled orders have continued to decline, and 
warehouse stocks have also fallen... so they manufacturers might be running 
down warehouse stocks, reducing that carrying cost when possible, and then 
producing for "just in time delivery,"  based on reduced demand and shorter 
lead times from order to production to shipment.

Here' their latest:

Full Report on Manufacturers' Shipments, Inventories and Orders
September 2009

New orders for manufactured goods in September, up five of the last six 
months, increased $3.3 billion or 0.9 percent to $356.1 billion, the U.S. 
Census Bureau reported today. This followed a 0.8 percent August decrease. 
Excluding transportation, new ordersincreased 0.8 percent. Shipments, up 
three of the last four months, increased$2.9 billion or 0.8 percent to 
$363.1 billion. This followed a 0.2 percent August decrease.

Unfilled orders, down twelve consecutive months, decreased $3.3 billion or 
0.4 percent to $733.3 billion. This was the longest streak of consecutive 
monthly decreases since the series was first published on a NAICS basis in 
1992. This followed a 0.4 percent August decrease.

The unfilled orders-to-shipments ratio was 5.83, down from 5.97 in 
August.Inventories, down thirteen consecutive months, decreased $4.8 billion 
or 1.0 percent to $492.6 billion.This was the longest streak of consecutive 
monthly decreases since February 2001-May 2002 and followed a 0.9 percent 
August decrease. The inventories-toshipments ratio was 1.36, down from 1.38 
in August.....

full at:


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