[Marxism] Communiqué No. 33 of the National Front of Resistance Against the Coup

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Thu Nov 5 20:54:08 MST 2009

Distributed by: The Organizer [theorganizer at earthlink.net]

The National Front of Resistance Against the Coup wishes to inform the
Honduran people and the international community of the following:


1. During the 131 days of continuous struggle, we have pushed for a peaceful
solution to the political crisis in our country as a result of the coup
d'état carried out by the Honduran oligarchy. In this period we have
supported the efforts promoted by various national and international
sectors, putting forward three key demands: (a) the return to constitutional
order with the reinstatement of the legitimate president, Manuel Zelaya
Rosales; (b) respect for the sovereign right to establish a National
Constituent Assembly for the purpose of refounding our nation; and (c)
punishment for those who have violated human rights.

2. The Tegucigalpa-San Jose agreement underscores the priority of returning
to constitutional order and affirms, literally, the need to "return the
holder of executive power to its pre-June 28 state through to January 27,
2010, which marks the end of the term of the current government."

3. The National Congress, co-author of the break with the constitutional
order on June 28, is using delaying tactics by refusing to convene the full
assembly of the Congress to revoke the decree that set up the de-facto

4. The OAS and the U.S. government, which we consider to be an accomplice in
the military coup, do not show an interest in the definitive departure of
the coup perpetrators from political power.

Therefore We Resolve That,

1. If by 12 midnight today, Thursday, November 5 -- at the latest --
President José Manuel Zelaya Rosales is not reinstated, the National Front
of Resistance Against the Coup will refuse to recognize the electoral
process and its results.

2. We warn all organizations of the national Resistance that if President
Zelaya were not to be reinstated within this time frame, they should be
ready to carry out the actions necessary to deny any legitimacy to the
electoral farce.

3. We call upon the international community to maintain its position of
refusing to legitimize the de-facto regime and the elections of November 29.

"We Are Resisting and We Shall Win!"
Tegucigalpa, M.D.C.
November 5, 2009

(translated from the Spanish by Alan Benjamin/The Organizer)

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