[Marxism] Double standard on extradition: CIA agents vs. RomanPolanski

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Fri Nov 6 07:52:03 MST 2009

1) I thought we were going to drop the Polanski bit

2) If we aren't, we can at least correct the misrepresentations:  The 
"campaign" against Polanski?  What campaign?  Request for extradition had 
existed for years, and had not been acted upon, possibly due to Polanski's 
collections with the California Repubs and Dems, you think?  Reagan?

Pled guilty to having sex with a teenage girl? Actually, plea bargained with 
the good old boy prosecutor in order to avoid charges of rape, sodomy, 
assault, kidnapping.

3) Polanski has "little chance" of getting a fair trial in the US?  Right, 
rich white men with connections in Hollywood are so oppressed, so subject to 
nightrider justice-- and lynching no?

You want to point out the hypocrisy of the US, as if hypocrisy is an issue 
when dealing with the US government?  There are far better ways to do this 
without making a martyr of  a man who raped a minor-- raped, assaulted, 
forced a 13 year old girl to have sex with him after she had refused, after 
she said no.

You want to talk about hypocrisy?  How about the hypocrisy that surrounds 
this treatment of Polanski vs the treatment afforded to Mike Tyson, who also 
raped a women, stuck around for his trial, was convicted and served his 
time?  Anybody know the WSWS "position" on that?

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The US government’s double standard on extradition: CIA agents vs.
Roman Polanski
By David Walsh
6 November 2009

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