[Marxism] New book on Fred Hampton assassination

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Amen, brother. I had the privilege of seeing Fred Hampton at the Young Socialist Alliance (YSA) convention in Chicago in November 1968 as a 15 year old high school activist, but some of the older "leading comrades" felt scandalized by him and later by the Panthers generally, seeking to *set us straight* on this. Of course they would tell you that's not a function of their own deep seated conservatism, whether of a "petty bourgois" middle class early-60s college student type or disgruntled "proletarian" activists frozen in time in the 1930s variety, but rather an expression how "ultraleft" and undisciplined the movement had become which really didn't have too many principles with "counter-culturalists" snake dancing around Liberals like Peter Paul and Mary and "Stalinists" or "Stalinoid Liberals" like Pete Seeger and Angela Davis, yippies and other assorted wierdos.  Yes, the Panthers DID stand on the shoulders of Malcolm X in promoting political independence and armed self defense and jokey orthodox naysayers of that who purport to uphold the legacy of Malcolm do so in the way social democrats upheld Marx, by turning him into a harmless icon that masked over their essentially right wing social democratic hostility to much 60s radical movement. Ditto for their attitude on SDS etc.  As Fidel once commented, folks like that wouldn't recognize a revolution if occurred  right under their nose and if they did, you can count on them opposing it.  It is to the credit of Workers World Party and even ISO that their spirit of solidarity on this was 180 degrees away from that.
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> He was one of the closest things to
> Malcolm after Malcolm, in terms of his strategic thinking, idiom and
> the trust he endeared.
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtORI3ZlPeg

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